Home IT Contract details

Pay As You Go (PAYG) Bronze Support

Pay As You Go is one of the simplest ways of getting IT support. We can come out to your address and provide you with quality IT support in your own home. The majority of fixes are done during the site visit but may require a revisit should hardware be needed.

Billed at £40 per hour plus a £20 call out fee. Billing is by the first hour and then in 30-minute increments.

We are happy to quote over the phone before coming to site.

Please note we are a cashless business, we accept card payments, cheques or online payments after an invoice has been issued. We are trying to be as green as possible and do not issue paper contracts, invoices or receipts.

Gold Support

Remote Monitoring contracts are a good way to make sure your PC is running smoothly. As part of the RM contract you will get 24/7 monitoring of your machine when it is turned on and connected to the internet. You'll also get antivirus that is monitored to ensure your PC isn't getting full of viruses and malware. Another advantage of the RM package is we'll also manage your Windows, MAC and some 3rd party application updates.

Remote clients also get a higher priority than PAYG clients. Meaning you get support sooner should you need it.

Platinum Support

Support Contract clients are entitled to everything in the Gold contracts and in addition they gain 1 hour of remote support each month. These hours do not roll over, if at the end of a month the hour hasn’t been used then it will be used to perform preventative maintenance. This service is great value as it is in-essence half price for the first hour of support. Extra hours will be charged at £40 per hour. Onsite support is billed at £40 per hour for the first hour and then £20 for each 30-minute increment thereafter. Onsite support also incurs a call out fee, this is £20.

Should a fix need more time than the hour included or require parts you will be notified of the cost of a fix before it takes place. This gives you full control over if you would like the fix or not. There is no obligation to either party.

All Home support Contracts

The agreement would be between you/business name and Jeccl Limited.

Both Gold and Platinum contracts are for a minimum of 12 months. Billed on the 1st working day of each month to cover the preceding calendar month.

All our support contracts are remote support only. This means by phone, email or remote access. The only site attendance by an engineer will be to install the RMM software onto your machines. This takes about 10 mins per machine depending on internet and hardware speeds.

You may cancel your contract after 6 months for a fixed fee, £10 per device on Gold contracts and £30 per device on Platinum contracts. If cancelled before 6 months it is agreed you will pay the balance of 6 months support contract plus a fixed fee above, depending on your level of contract, per device as a cancellation fee. You must also give a minimum of 30-days notice to cancel in writing.

The contracted hour of IT support covers the device only it does not fix printer faults, network faults or other issues such as websites. If you wish to have your environment covered, including printers, network devices, NAS drives (but not including CCTV or security type devices), this can be done for a monthly fee of £30.

As part of a Gold or Platinum contract you will need our RMM tool to be installed on your machine.

The RMM agent requires a local user account to be created on each device it is installed on. This also grants Jeccl Ltd remote access to your machines. This will never be actioned unless prior authorisation has been approved by you or your business. The RMM tool enables us to monitor your machines 24/7 and provides you with the antivirus service.

In simple terms the support contract covers general IT support and software. We are not product specialists on 3rd party software however we are happy to help where we can and speak to the software providers about any issues you are having. We cannot guarantee a fix.

Support contracts are looked after during business hours, Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm excluding Bank holidays. Each ticket that is raised with Jeccl will be assigned a priority from 1 - 3.

A level 1 priority has a 72 hour response time, level 2 has a 24 hour response time and a level 3 has a 4 hour response time. The priority level will be decided by the engineer that accepts the ticket. Once accepted the response timer starts counting. A response does not guarantee a fix, it means that we will begin working on the issue.

An example of a level 1 priority could be an individual having issues opening a PDF document. A level 3 priority is when an entire office is unable to log in.

Should you want additional services from Jeccl such as backups, websites, hosting, emails etc at the same time as taking out a support contract they can be rolled into a singular contract. Should they be added at a separate time they will be billed separately from your support contract.

Jeccl Ltd holds onto the right to be able to cancel a support contract with 30-days notice in writing. The reason behind a cancelled contract will be given at their discretion. If your contract is cancelled by Jeccl Ltd, you will have nothing further to pay.

With a passion to be as environmentally friendly as possible Jeccl Ltd will not issue paper contracts, invoices or other paper newsletters. Upon agreeing the details of your support contract Jeccl Ltd will send you an electronic contract to sign, this needs to be returned before any support begins.

If hardware is needed for a fix you will be quoted on the cost before the repair goes ahead. You will have the choice if you wish to go through the with repair. You contracted hours can be used for the installation of the hardware.