Business IT

Jeccl offers a selection of support contracts to business users from a basic monitoring and antivirus service (Bronze) through to a full support contract (Gold and Platinum). We also offer an hourly rate service to those needing Pay As You Go support. Check out our packages below.

JEccl Busienss bronze logo

Bronze IT Package

What's included?

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Priority over PAYG customers
  • Anti Virus and managed patch updates

£7.50 Per month per device

JEccl Gold business package

Gold IT Package

What's included

  • Everything from the Bronze package
  • 1 hour of remote support per device*
  • Higher priority

£15 per month per device

JEccl Platinum standard logo business

Platinum IT Package

What's included

  • Everything from Bronze and Gold packages
  • Unlimited hours of remote support*
  • Highest priority

£25 per month per device

Level of support - Price Per Device
Business Name / Company Number

Getting support is easy

Simply fill out any details that are required and then click on buy now.

Tell us how many machines you would like to protect.

You will be redirected to PayPal to set up your subscription. Once set up you will receive an email with a link to a file you will need to download.

Once downloaded install the file. Within the next 20 or so minuets you will be protected and monitored by us. Its as simple as that.

*Hours are during normal business hours 9AM - 5PM Monday-Friday excluding Bank holidays. Out of hours service is available, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) support is £75 per hour.

There is a call out fee for site visits, this is £20 for Essex pstcodes. Servers are £120 per month for remote support.

Remote monitoring contracts do not guarantee a fix, there may be hardware required or specialist software support and factors beyond our control such as internet speeds. You will be quoted for any work before it is undertaken if it is not covered by your support contract.

All incoming tickets for contract clients are assigned a priority by our helpdesk team. More details about our contracts can be found here