Jeccl Ltd


Affiliated Organisations

Here is a list, in no particular order, of some of the organisations we work closely with. To find out more about these organisations drop us an email at or click through to their websitses

Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary provide a high quality of life to those animals in desperate need of help. To fund raise they run regular online auctions, host currys lunches and afternoon teas. Jeccl provide assistance to Remus by giving them FREE IT support, this helps them do what they do best, looking after the animals!

Jeccl is proud to be a part of the Trusted Business Community. To be a member you have to be validated by their team and prove you're a Trusted Business. Chris is delighted to be a member of this community and continues to uphold the high level of trust the community requiered. If you would like to know more about this group please reach out to Chris or the Jeccl team. They'd be delighted to fill you in on what its all about.

Chelmsford Business Partnerships was created to help businesses connect, through networking, across Essex. With regular online and in person events; if you're in Essex you're never too far from a CBP meeting. Chris Mason, Jeccl's founder, sits on the CBP board as IT director and Chris has responsibility for the CBP website.

The Confederation Of Business Referral Associates otherwise known as The COBRA Club are the UK's first online networking and business support hub. Open Monday to Friday 10am till 5pm you can stop in at any time. We offer 20+ networking sessions each week! We also have business developments specialists within the club who are here to help. As a member you will also get access to The Circle, our dedicated social media platform. Our director Chris runs The 300 Club networking session every Thursday 1-2pm at COBRA

Dandelion Weatherstone are a Community Interest Company. Ash came up with an idea after the birth of her daughter, 12 years later that idea became a reality. The product was antibacterial post c-section and abdominal surgery underware that adhered to Ash's vegan principles. You can buy them direct from Etsy or gift them to someone in need. You'll get a free posting on the website to show off how much of a superstar sponser you are! The website was built by Jeccl and we've been supporting Ash from the start, we're delighted to see how the business has grown and developed.

Tree nation are helping to plant trees across the globe. This is a great way to offset your Carbon Foot print like we do here at Jeccl. Planting forrests can also help employ local people, reduce costal errosion and encourage wildlife. Last year we offset double our CO2 output, our website is also carbon neutral. We're working to get all our clients websites onto servers ran entierly on renewable energy.