Christmas and new year tech tips

Christmas and new year tech tips

Christmas and new year tech tips

Christmas and new year tech tips from CMIT Consultants.

How are you planning on spending Christmas this year? With friends and family? with the newest tech?
How ever you are spending it when not spread a little Christmas cheer using the latest tech. For starters Amazon recently released their new Echo Show. This has all the functionality of the Echo plus it has a screen and a camera so you can video chat with your loved ones. Utilising Amazons Alexa service you can shout out to Alexa and she can start a video call to anyone in your contact list. What a good way to see the family even if you can’t be together over the Christmas period. You can pick one up here – if you need a hand setting up then give us a call or drop us an email.

Have you got a sports nut in your family?

If so then why not get them a smart watch or a new fitness tracker. These devices strap onto your wrist just like any other watch does but they provide a variety of functions. Some of the advanced LG and Samsung watches enable you to text and make calls from your wrist. They can play music and some can even play games all while checking your pulse and keeping track of your step count. A fitness tracker can be a cheap alternative. They keep track of your heart rate, step count calories burnt and a variety of other fitness based numbers. They usually cannot answer calls and such on them but this is reflected in the price. Our favourite smart watch is the LG Urbane W150. It can be found here

Need a little help with the clean-up from Christmas?

Look no further than a robot vacuum cleaner. There are many available these days so finding the right one can be hard, so let us do that for you. Our chosen one this Christmas is the Eufy RoboVac. This little robot hoover has many advanced features. It will self-dock when it needs charging, can be controlled by a simple remote just like your TV’s, can adapt to short carpet and hardwood floors automatically. Not only can it hoover up for you but it also contains a HEPA Style Filter. You don’t need to worry about this little guy getting lost or falling off something as he has collision detection and an anti-fall sensor allowing him to see an edge before he falls over it. You can pick one up here

An example of a Robot Hoover

Here are some tips for your Xmas Tech.

• Make sure you read the manuals for all your new devices
• If in doubt as a professional
• Make sure you buy batteries (they are usually not included)
• Keep it out of the cold and snow, unless its designed for that
• Make the most of tech deals online
• Use private browsing to keep your other half from finding out what you’ve bought them
• Have your own email address for online shopping. There is no point buying something for someone only for them to get an email telling them what you’ve bought them!

Thats it for our December blog. From all at CMIT Consultants have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Author: Christopher Mason – Business owner at CMIT Consultants

Orginally posted on CMIT Consultants Blog 03/12/2017

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